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Hello, I am Roger Hoover —
photographer + content creator for creatives, businesses, communities + brands. 

I'm a storyteller at heart. And that allows me to find the story you're trying to tell your customers, fans + followers.

I've always been interested in sharing stories. My passion for photographing honest, engaging moments allows me to capture the essence of my subjects and document the minutiae of their story. With camera in hand, I photograph landscapes, people, food and brands; documenting stories, events, + communities.

Photographer, Roger Hoover - Sun Going Down
Portrait Photography
Food & Restaurant
Photograph of The Speedbumps by photographer Roger Hoover
Danny Jenkins, The Speedbumps, photographed by Roger Hoover
Bethany Svoboda, The Speedbumps, photographed by Roger Hoover
Erik Urycki, The Speedbumps, photographed by Roger Hoover
Sam Kristoff, The Speedbumps, photographed by Roger Hoover
Kevin Martinez, The Speedbumps, photographed by Roger Hoover


The Speedbumps —
Indie Music. 

The Speedbumps are an award-winning American band with a warm, authentic sound, built on a passion for hollow-bodied instruments, indie-folk and indie-rock influences, and singer-songwriter Erik Urycki’s breathy, commanding vocals and canny phrasing.

The band’s roots lie deep in the Rustbelt, where quiet strength and limited embellishment define the culture. The working class towns around Akron, the former rubber capital, from which artists like The Black Keys, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Joseph Arthur have emerged, have provided the band with an aesthetic that seeks to tease out beauty from the gritty details of everyday life.

The band consists of Erik Urycki on vocals and guitar, Bethany Svoboda on vocals, banjo and Wurlitzer, Sam Kristoff playing cello -- often where you’d expect a guitar riff, Kevin Martinez on acoustic and electric bass, and Danny Jenkins on drums.


Portrait of comedian Mike Polk by photographer Roger Hoover
Portrait of comedian Mike Polk by photographer Roger Hoover
Portrait of comedian Mike Polk by photographer Roger Hoover


Mike Polk & Jack Daniels

Cleveland comedian Mike Polk of "Cleveland Tourism" and "Factory of Sadness" fame, recently inked a sponshorship deal with Jack Daniels for his Tuesday variety show at Pickwick & Frolic. I spent a few days photographing promotional photos of Mike before and after the variety shows for promotional purposes.

Portrait of comedian Mike Polk by photographer Roger Hoover
Portrait of comedian Mike Polk by photographer Roger Hoover
Phil Everett, Chef at Burnside Barbecue, photographed by photographer Roger Hoover


Burnside Barbecue —
Hog Butchery Class. 

Pitmaster and butcher Phil Everett opened Burnside Barbecue in 2017 with partner and chef Emily Hansford in Kent, Ohio. Both Everett and Hansford attended culinary school in North Carolina and New York, respectively. They met while working at One Red Door in Hudson, Ohio.

Everett's background in butchery inspired him to host a Hog Butchery Class in conjunction with local cheesemonger, Tim Sahr from Kent Cheesemonger.

Everett led a class of roughly 45 people through the entire process of breaking a pig down, educating them on the cuts and ways to prepare them. Meanwhile, Sahr provided wine pairings while another chef prepared the fresh cuts for a sampling of tacos. 

This series may be gruesome for some. It is my job as a photographer to capture the essence of an event.


Roger Hoover, food photography
Roger Hoover, food photography
Roger Hoover, Photographer - Robert Kidney of The Numbers Band
Photographer Roger Hoover

Robert Kidney of 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band)


Robert Kidney —
15-60-75 (The Numbers Band). 

I spent a day photographing incomparable songwriter/artist Robert Kidney who is celebrating 50 years as frontman/guitarist for seminal jazz-avant-blues band 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band).



Food Photographer - Roger Hoover

I am a photographer with many different interests —
food, travel, community, and people.

There are stories in kitchens, where chefs toil away to provide meals that are consumed in minutes.

There are stories in hotel bars where someone is crafting a gorgeous cocktail, or a place hidden from view where men congregate after a shift at the factory.

There are stories where land is eroding, rivers are adapting, and mountains are crumbling.

There are stories in backyards where children are climbing trees, building forts, and getting muddy.

To me, they're all the same, and it is my job to find the perspective.

Toroweap, Grand Canyon - Photographer Roger Hoover
Abandoned Town, Photographer Roger Hoover

"A professional covering a community event. Open to feedback on what areas to cover and themes to capture. The photos were high quality and made available shortly after the event. Overall I was very happy with his service!" - Harrison Wicks, Assistant to City Manager of Kent

Tree City Coffee

"A pleasure to work with. His eye for composition and creativity has brought our coffee and pastries to life! In addition, his candid shots of both employees and customers, have been perfect for our social media needs." - Lauren Heroux, Tree City Coffee & Pastry

Cave Twins

"He has photographed several Main Street Kent events, both indoors and out, and he does a stellar job! We’re grateful for his quality work and personable approach." - Heather Malarcik, Executive Director, Main Street Kent

2019-02-18 18.00.13

"He has been an invaluable partner to my businesses. He provides valuable perspective and stays current on market trends so we don’t have to keep as close an eye. And he has given our brands the distinct voice and image we were seeking." Mike Beder, Entrepreneur

The Speedbumps by photographer Roger Hoover


You want more? 

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