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Kent, Ohio Photography

I've often heard creatives say that they must leave their communities to find inspiration. While travel is integral to developing as a person, it is nice to walk around our communities and find inspiration in the minutiae we pass over daily.

When I'm walking around Kent, I'm looking for random encounters. I'm looking to photograph something simple so that it may reveal its complexity. I'm looking for wabi sabi.

This is an ongoing series of things large and small that I photograph in and around Kent, Ohio.

Kent, Ohio Photography
Birds taking flight.
Iced over stairs leading to the Cuyahoga River.
Ice and water. Kent, Ohio.
Cuyahoga River.

December 12, 2018No Comments

Ray Flanagan

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a portrait photography session with songwriter/guitarist Ray Flanagan. We captured some nice shots for use on his upcoming solo album, Passerby.

 Ray Flanagan
Ray Flanagan
Ray Flanagan Ray Flanagan Ray FlanaganRay Flanagan

December 5, 2018No Comments

Photo Set with the Cave Twins

Spent a few moments with indie Americana group, Cave Twins, when they passed through Kent, Ohio.

Cave Twins Cave Twins Cave Twins Cave Twins Cave Twins

Cave Twins Cave Twins

November 12, 2018No Comments

Portrait Photography & New Backdrop

I had some free time this weekend to paint my own backdrop. I bought a 4'x5' piece of canvas from Lowe's and used leftover housepaint. Here are the results.


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